Zhejiang Sanmei Chemical Industry Co. (603379)

Zhejiang Sanmei Chemical Industry Co. (603379)

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Date : 1 Jan 2021


Zhejiang Sanmei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a China-based company which mainly develops, produces and sells fluorocarbon chemicals and inorganic fluorine products. The Company’s fluorocarbon chemicals mainly include fluorine refrigerants and fluorine foaming agents. The fluorine refrigerants mainly include HCFCs refrigerants and HFCs refrigerants, mainly used in automotive, home and industrial and commercial air conditioning systems; the fluorine foaming agents are mainly HCFC-141b, mainly used in polyurethane rigid foam production. The Company’s inorganic fluorine products mainly include anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and others, the products are mainly used for basic raw materials or etched glass, metal cleaning and surface treatment in the fluorine chemical industry.


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