Zhejiang Goldensea Environment Technology (603311)

Zhejiang Goldensea Environment Technology (603311)

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Date : 31 Jul 2020

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Zhejiang Goldensea Hi Tech Co Ltd, formerly Zhejiang Goldensea Environment Technology Co Ltd, is a China-based company mainly engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of high-performance filter materials, functional filter materials and functional filters. The Company’s main products include high-performance filter materials, filter nets, air purifier filters, fresh air system filters, automotive air conditioning filters, rail transit air conditioning filters, oil fume filters, ventilating fan filters, air conditioning fans and full heat switch, etc. Its products are used in household and commercial central air conditioners, air purifiers, air conditioning filtration systems and fresh air systems for automobiles, trains, airplanes and ships. The Company operates its businesses within the China market and to overseas markets.


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