Verisilicon Microelectronics (688521)

Verisilicon Microelectronics (688521)

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Date : 1 Mar 2021


VeriSilicon Microelectronics Shanghai Co Ltd is a company that mainly provides one-stop chip customization services. The Company is mainly engaged in one-stop chip customization service business which includes chip design services and chip mass production services. The chip design services business provides a range of services based on the clients’ needs, including chip specification definition, chip design, verification and implementation, as well as sample production and debugging. The chip mass production services business entrusts external factories for wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing. The Company also operates semiconductor intellectual property (IP) licensing business, including processor IP and radio frequency intellectual property (IP). The Company’s businesses cover consumer electronics, automotive electronics, computers and the Internet of Things (IoT). Its products are sold to domestic and international markets, including South Korea, Japan, Germany and France.


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