Shandong Lipeng Co. (002374)

Shandong Lipeng Co. (002374)

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Date : 1 Jan 2021


Shandong Chiway Industry Development Co Ltd, formerly Shandong Lipeng Co Ltd, is principally engaged in the composite anti-counterfeit printing of aluminum plates, as well as the manufacture and sale of anti-counterfeit bottle caps. The Company?s products are composite anti-counterfeit printed aluminum plates, which are applied in processing and manufacture of aluminum anti-counterfeit bottle caps, as well as aluminum anti-counterfeit bottle caps and combined anti-counterfeit bottle tops, which are applied in packaging of products such as liquor, healthcare liquor and beer, among others. In addition, the Company provides aluminum strips, and related equipment and molds. The Company is also engaged in the landscaping and environment treatment businesses, such as ecological restoration, landscape construction, landscape planning and design, green conservation and nursery stock sales, among others.


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