Queclink Wireless Solutions (300590)

Queclink Wireless Solutions (300590)

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Date : 1 Jan 2021


Queclink Wireless Solutions Co Ltd is a company engaged in research, development and sales of wireless machines and machine terminal equipment. The Company has four types of products. The in-vehicle information intelligent terminal products are used for fine management of fleets, such as fuel consumption and expense monitoring. The asset management information intelligent terminal products are used to locate, track and ensure safety of mobile assets and remote assets through collecting data. The personal safety smart terminal products are placed on individuals to trace and locate people, therefore ensure the personal safety of special persons, such as the elderly, children and field workers. The animal traceability management products are focused on tracing problems in animal feeding, transportation, slaughtering and other processes. The Company sells its products to both domestic and international markets, including North America, Africa, South America and Europe.


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