Jiangsu Apon Medical Technology (300753)

Jiangsu Apon Medical Technology (300753)

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Date : 25 Feb 2021


Jiangsu Apon Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a China-based company which is mainly engaged in research, development, production and sales of medical device products for pain management and nasal care. The Company’s main products include medical devices such as micro-computer injection pumps, disposable drug injection pumps, wireless analgesia management systems, pulse oximeters and sensors for pain management, and nasal care applications such as nasal care sprayers. Among them, medical devices used in the field of pain management are mainly used for infusion and monitoring of drug treatment in postoperative, childbirth, cancer and other clinical treatments to alleviate pain in patients; medical devices used in nasal care are mainly used to relieve nasal dryness, nasal congestion and nose discomfort such as bleeding in patients. The Company operates primarily in domestic and overseas markets.


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