Jdm Jingdamachine Co. (603088)

Jdm Jingdamachine Co. (603088)

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Date : 1 Jan 2021


JDM JingDaMachine(Ningbo)Co.Ltd is a China-based company principally engaged in the research, development, production and sale of heat exchanger equipment and precision presses. Its heat exchanger equipment products include high-speed precision fin fins, expanders, pipe benders, micro-channel heat exchanger equipment and other heat exchanger equipment. Its precision press products include fixed-rotor high-speed precision presses, closed two-point presses, ultra-high speed variable stroke precision presses and powder metallurgy presses. The Company’s products are mainly used in the production and processing of air-conditioning heat exchangers, automobile heat exchangers, stators and rotors, automotive parts, appliance parts, electronic connectors and powders in the fields of cemented carbide, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials and ceramics. The Company distributes its products in domestic market and to overseas markets.


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