Industrial Bank (601166)

Industrial Bank (601166)

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Trading Risk Analysis

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Date : 1 Mar 2021


INDUSTRIAL BANK CO., LTD. is a China-based commercial bank. The main business activities of the Bank include deposits taking; provision of loans; local and international payments and settlements; bills acceptance and discounting; issuing of financial bonds; agency issuing, cashing and underwriting of government bonds; purchase and sales of government bonds and financial bonds; securities business; asset custody; inter-bank placements and borrowings; trading or agency trading of foreign currencies; bank card business; provision of letters of credit and guarantee facilities; agency collections and payments; agency sales of insurance; safe deposit box services; financial consultant, credit inquiry and consulting, as well as exchange surrendering business and others. The Bank offers loans for personal financing, manufacturing, real estate, wholesale and retail, as well as leasing and business services.


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