Honz Pharmaceutical (300086)

Honz Pharmaceutical (300086)

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Date : 25 Feb 2021


HONZ PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD., formerly HAINAN HONZ PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD., is principally engaged in the research, development, production and distribution of drugs for children. The Company provides western medicines and Chinese patent drugs, including antipyretic and analgesic drugs, cold drugs, antibiotics drugs, respiratory system drugs, digestant and arresting convulsion drugs, as well as nutrition drugs, among others. The Company’s products include nimesulide granules, cefminox sodium for injection, Zhike Juhong granules, Ganmao Qingre granules, artificial cow-bezoar and chlorphenamine maleate granules, cefaclor granules, carbocisteine granules, Jianerle granules, pediatric four vitaminsand calcium gluconate granules, as well as ribavirin pellets and Norfloxacin capsules for adults.


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