Henan Yicheng New Energy (300080)

Henan Yicheng New Energy (300080)

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Date : 31 Jul 2020

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Henan Yicheng New Energy Co., Ltd., formerly Henan Xindaxin Materials Co., Ltd., is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of crystalline silicon cutting materials. The Company produces crystalline silicon cutting materials including green silicon carbide, the cutting liquid, black silicon carbide and brown aluminum oxide micro powder and others, which are used in the cutting, grinding and polishing of silicon crystalline chips, semiconductor wafer chips, piezoelectric crystals and optical lenses, as well as silicon carbide abrasives, which are used in the manufacture of abrasive tools, polishing of stone materials and processing of metal and nonmetal materials. The Company is also involved in the recycling and utilization of waste mortar. Through its subsidiaries, it is also engaged in the manufacture and sale of engineering ceramics, refractory materials, and abrasive materials and tools, among others.


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