Haoxiangni Health Food (002582)

Haoxiangni Health Food (002582)

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Date : 15 Jan 2021


Haoxiangni Health Food Co., Ltd., formerly Haoxiangni Jujube Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of jujube series products. It primarily provides convenient jujube series, such as Xinzheng jujubes, Dr. jujubes, royal jujubes, crystal jujubes, fragrant jujubes and others; jujube chip series, such as strawberry-flavored jujube chips, orange-flavored jujube chips, donkey-hide gelatin jujube chips and others; preserved products, such as preserved jujubes, wild jujubes, donkey-hide gelatin jujubes and others; dried jujube series, such as dried crystal jujubes and dried fragrant jujubes; jujube powders, such as original flavor jujube powders and high-calcium jujube powders, as well as honey series, among others. On June 22, 2013, it announced that it has completed the registration of a Zhengzhou-based wholly owned subsidiary.


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