Hangzhou Seck Intelligent Technology (300897)

Hangzhou Seck Intelligent Technology (300897)

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Date : 15 Jan 2021


Hangzhou Seck Intelligent Technology Co Ltd is a China-based company that mainly provides intelligent water technology, products and services. The Company is committed to the research and development, production, sales and service of various intelligent remote water meter measurement sensors and complete meters, water pipe network field controllers and back-end collection systems. The Company’s products cover smart remote water meter products, water pipe network field controllers and others, including magneto-sensitive pulse smart water meters, inductive pulse smart water meters, camera direct reading smart water meters, thick film direct reading smart water meters and photoelectric direct reading smart water meter, etc. Its products are mainly used in the measurement, collection and remote return analysis of water consumption data and pipe network data in smart water services. The Company mainly conducts its businesses in the China market.


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