Guangzheng Group (002524)

Guangzheng Group (002524)

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Date : 1 Jan 2021


Guangzheng Eye Hospital Group Co Ltd, formerly Guangzheng Group Co Ltd, is a China-based company mainly engaged in the investment and management of eye hospitals. The Company is also engaged in energy business and steel structure business. The Company has opened a number of professional eye hospitals to provide ophthalmology-related diagnosis and treatment services covering all diseases. Its energy business includes residential gas, commercial gas, vehicle gas business and city pipeline gas business. It also conducts non-gas business marketing, such as expanding gas business and setting up convenience stores. The Company’s steel structure business is engaged in the construction of light steel structures, heavy steel structures, multi-high-rise steel structures, spatial and long-span steel structures and other building systems and bridge steel structures. The Company mainly conducts its businesses in the China market.


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