Fujian Anjoy Foods (603345)

Fujian Anjoy Foods (603345)

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Date : 1 Feb 2021


FUJIAN ANJOY FOODS CO., LTD. is principally engaged in research and development, manufacture and sales of quick-frozen food including hot pot ingredient products and frozen rice and wheat flour products. The Company’s main products are quick-frozen food under a brand name ANJOY such as frozen minced fish products, frozen meat products, frozen rice and wheat flour products, and other quick-frozen products including QianYe tofu. Frozen minced fish products involve in juicy fish balls, imitation crabs, shrimp dumplings and octopus balls. Frozen meat products involve in Xiami dumplings, pee meatballs, hot pot dumplings and stuffde bread with lard and sugar. Frozen rice and wheat flour products include brown sugar steamed buns, shredded cakes and sesame balls.


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