Enn Ecological Holdings (600803)

Enn Ecological Holdings (600803)

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Date : 1 Mar 2021


ENN Natural Gas Co Ltd, formerly ENN Ecological Holdings Co Ltd, is a China-based company engaged in the clean energy industry. The Company operates through five segments. Natural Gas Processing and Investment segment provides methane, biomass gas, hydrogen and other secondary energy processed from coal, biological materials and other raw materials. Energy Technology Engineering Service segment provides an integrated service, which includes the research and development of technology, engineering design, equipment manufacture and integration, project management and construction. Energy and Chemical segment consist of products of methy alcohol and dimethyl ether. Coal Mining and Washing segment is involved in the coal mining of Wangjiata Mine in Ordos. Biopharmaceutical segment is involved in the production of pesticides and veterinary drugs, which includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and other pesticide products.


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