Do-Fluoride Chemicals (002407)

Do-Fluoride Chemicals (002407)

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Date : 31 Jul 2020

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DO-FLUORIDE CHEMICALS CO., LTD is principally engaged in the research, production and distribution of inorganic fluoride products. The Company mainly provides cryolite, anhydrous aluminum fluoride, anhydrous hydrofluoric acid and lithium hexafluorophosphate, among others. The Company’s cryolite products are primarily used as slagging medium in aluminum electrolysis, wearproof filter of rubber and grinding wheel, as well as slagging medium in ceramics and glass manufacturing. Its aluminum fluoride products are mainly used as slagging medium in aluminum electrolysis, inhibitor in alcohol manufacturing, fusing agent of nonferrous metal, as well as slagging medium of ceramic glaze and porcelain enamel. In addition, the Company also engaged in the selling, leasing, and maintenance services of vehicle related business. The Company distributes its products in domestic and overseas markets.


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