Chengdu M&S Electronics Technology (688311)

Chengdu M&S Electronics Technology (688311)

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Date : 1 Mar 2021


Chengdu M&S Electronics Technology Co Ltd is a company mainly engaged in research, development, manufacturing and sales of satellite navigation terminal equipment. The Company’s products are comprised of satellite navigation products and satellite communications products. The satellite navigation products include satellite navigation components, such as anti-interference radio frequency components, navigation display computers and landmark pickers; satellite navigation receivers, such as anti-interference navigation receivers; and special test equipment, such as portable satellite navigation simulators and navigation jammers. The satellite communication products include Dongzhongtong cables, such as civil aviation airborne Dongzhongtong communication and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) Dongzhongtong communication; and satellite communication components, such as beacon tracking receivers. The Company’s products are used in national defense, military, civil aviation and maritime affairs.


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