Anhui Landun Photoelectron (300862)

Anhui Landun Photoelectron (300862)

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Date : 1 Mar 2021


Anhui Landun Photoelectron Co Ltd is a China-based company mainly engaged in the manufacture of high-end analytical and measuring instruments, software development, system integration and engineering, operation and maintenance services, data services and the production of military radar components. Its products and services include LGH-01 continuous automatic air quality monitoring system, LDR patrol speed radar, LDR-6 vehicle speed detector, FX400-3-GDX 05 road traffic signal light, intelligent monitoring and recording system of road vehicles, automatic recording system of red light running, convergence and sharing platform of intelligent transportation equipment, DSG2 precipitation meter, operation and maintenance services and data services. Its products and services are mainly used in environmental monitoring, traffic management, meteorological observation, military radar and other fields. The Company operates its businesses in the China market.


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