Company Research

Our research reports pioneer in publishing some of the world’s first industry intelligence on China’s markets. We have beaten some the world’s renowned investments, international organisations like The World Bank and IMF, and foreign think-tanks when come to estimates and forecasts on China’s GDP growth rate. Example, we had committed a growth rate of 11.4% GDP in 2007, months before others had set where their figures were more than 1% off the actual mark. And, when SARS hit China, foreign media and banks continuously lowered China’s GDP growth rate but we had our forecast closest to the actual rate no others had come close.

Today, our research capability covers more than 50 industries across China. Our teams of esearch analysts based in numerous Chinese cities are highly qualified and excel in providing highest quality business intelligence that is business practical. The analysts are often engaged in collaborative consulting relationships with our clients to make executable strategies in meeting business and financial objectives.

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